Menopause Care

I offer a bespoke menopause care package to help you manage the symptoms so you can have a fantastic quality of life.

Don’t suffer from the menopause anymore

Managing your menopause doesn’t take just one 10-minute appointment with a GP, it’s not just feeling a bit hot and you definitely shouldn’t have to deal with it because you are of a ‘certain age’.

There are lots of misconceptions and dismissal of menopause and the havoc it can cause and too often it isn’t taken seriously.

If you are struggling, I offer a personalised menopause care package. I look at the mental, emotional, and social effects it has on your life and your work. These are psychosocial effects and they can also include how you think, your feelings, ways of coping and relationships with your family and friends.

Lifestyle, nutrition management, lifestyle coaching and mindfulness may help you manage and cope with your symptoms in a much more effective way.

Menopause also has medical symptoms so I will treat you holistically and offer physical treatments such as HRT or we can discuss what other treatments are available.

So what does the care package include:

  • A personalised menopause profile blood test (and other blood tests if indicated)
  • A weekly appointment for 10 weeks
  • Each appointment lasts 30 minutes and can be in the clinic or virtual. Whatever suits you best
  • Determine a personalised treatment to help you with your particular symptoms
  • We will discuss lifestyle management and how to reduce stress

The care package costs £950 and includes your weekly consultations, and all prescriptions charges, physical and psychological support, and blood tests that may be needed relating to your menopausal symptoms.

Menopause Care Package

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