Home Visits

I have a bright, modern clinic in Barnet to see you and your family but if necessary I can come to your home or nursing home to see you instead.

See a GP you trust at home

I want to help you and your family in the best way possible, so you can decide where and when to see me.

If you cannot attend an appointment in my clinic due to a medical problem, I can see you at home or in your nursing home. To book a home appointment, please select this option when booking an appointment, or you can give me a call if you are unsure. To book a nursing home visit, please speak to the manager of your nursing home. If you need further advice, you are always welcome to call me. Our telephone lines are open 24/7 every day of the year.

A telephone consultation may be all you need, but for an examination, I can come to you. I can see any age, from newborn to elderly and can see a wide range of ailments.

If you are worried about a family member, such as an elderly parent, with their permission, a home/ nursing home appointment can be arranged. It may be helpful if a relative can attend the appointment as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will coming to Church Crescent Medical Practice affect NHS treatment I am currently having?

No, booking an appointment will not affect any other treatment you currently have. However, so I can offer the best personalised treatment, it would be helpful to let me know what treatment and what medication you take.

How far do you travel for a home/ nursing home visit?

I am able to travel 5 miles from my clinic.

How long is a home visit appointment?

A standard home visit is 20 minutes long.

Is there a minimum age the patient needs to be for a home visit?

No, as long as it is safe and clinically the right decision I will be able to see all ages.

How do I book a visit to a nursing home?

To book a private GP consultation at a nursing home, you would need to speak to the manager of the nursing home. This ensures the visit is appropriate and the patient doesn’t need to go to the hospital. 

The call to management will be charged for in addition to the visit.

What happens if I need a test or scan?

I will organise this for the patient. If there are tests that are needed that I cannot offer, I will write a letter to another GP or signpost them where they can get the tests.

Are appointments confidential?

Yes, all appointments are confidential. I will only pass important medical information to an NHS professional with your permission.

Do you have access to my NHS records?

No, I am unable to access your NHS records. It would be very useful if you could provide me information of your medication history and current medication you take. This is so I can offer you the best medical treatment and care.

What happens if I need to be referred to a Consultant?

If you need a referral to a consultant, I can refer you privately, or back to a NHS GP who will see you and arrange for an NHS referral. If you would like to be referred privately, you are welcome to choose your consultant and hospital, and we can discuss your preferences at the time. 

Can I have a chaperone with me?

Yes, I would welcome this so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Can you provide a BSL/ language interpreter?

Yes, certainly. Please let me know when booking if this is something you require so it can be arranged for your appointment.

Book a home visit or care home visit

If you would like to book a home visit or a care home visit, please complete the below form. The fee is from £120 for a weekday appointment or £150 for a weekend appointment. Fees are dependent on the length of the visit and the distance from the clinic. The total you pay will be confirmed before your visit.

Menopause Care Package

We know how tough menopause can be. We offer a bespoke package to support you.

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