Children’s Private GP

I can help with a range of medical issues such as common childhood infections, development and mental health issues. If you are worried about your child, I can help with fast, expert medical help.

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I offer peace of mind if your child is unwell

It can be very worrying when your child is unwell, and it can be very stressful when it seems impossible to book a doctor’s appointment.

You may be tempted to take your child to A&E instead as trying to get a medical professional to see your child can take too long. The best option for a non-medical emergency is to see your GP who you trust and who knows your child’s medical history.

Perhaps, just a telephone consultation will suffice if you have a question about your newborn, or maybe you need a same-day clinic visit if your child is unwell.

I will help you with whatever is clinically best for your child.

You can book appointments for other things as well, such as;

  • newborn health advice
  • child health surveillance and growth checks
  • allergy tests
  • child mental health reviews, including special needs

Your child will get the best personalised advice. As well as getting a speedy response and therefore speedy medical help, my services offer continuity. Your child will see the same doctor from birth to adulthood. This builds a trusting relationship, and I will know your child’s medical history so I can offer a better service. No more wasting your time at an appointment explaining your child’s medical history again! 

Menopause Care Package

We know how tough menopause can be. We offer a bespoke package to support you.

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