About Dr Sinha


I have been practising as a GP for almost 10 years. Most of that time was spent as a senior partner in practice. I completed my medical training at the Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas Hospital Trust – which is part of King’s College London. I then undertook further medical experience around the country before settling back into North London where I completed my GP training.

Apart from my medical degree I also have a Bachelors degree in radiological sciences and several diplomas in gynaecology, sexual health and occupational medicine. I will therefore be able to support patients not just as their doctor but may be able to discuss how their health affects their work or their work affects their health.

A personalised traditional approach

After working as a GP for over 10 years, I was frustrated that I couldn’t give patients the time and continuity of care they needed for appointments. As a patient and parent myself, I understand how difficult it can be to see a GP, especially the same one!

So I decided to set up my own private traditional family practice.

My vision is to be your family doctor. For you to have easy and readily available access to me offering everything that a regular NHS GP would provide but you are guaranteed that you can see or speak to me about your problem when you need to.

I offer not just clinical care but holistic support as well including life coaching and a mindfulness approach where needed to help you with your clinical problem.

You can always expect always to see the same GP

So you don’t have to explain your problem each time to a new doctor. If you are unable to make an appointment, I offer telephone and video appointments or home visits. You can also make an appointment at the weekend or evening. I also offer urgent same and next day appointments.

You can call for anything not just if you or your family are feeling unwell, but if you have a doubt – such as worries if your child isn’t eating properly, concerns over their behaviour or maybe worrying if your dad has a memory problem.  You can call for a chat to see if any help can be provided. Our telephone line is available 24/7 every day of the year.

A little about me

When I am not working, I love to swim, go for walks and stay physically active – which I find is great for my mental health. My 7 year old daughter is a very physically active person so we enjoy exploring lots of things together like trampolining, rock climbing and finding the best ice-cream places!

Menopause Care Package

We know how tough menopause can be. We offer a bespoke package to support you.

Get in touch

If you have an enquiry, please get in touch by completing the contact form, calling or sending an email.

You can book an online appointment here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

13 Church Crescent, London, N20 0JR